Online Information

While there is plenty of information about George available, not much can be found about his mother. Here we have compiled a list of online sources which relate to Mary Ball Washington.

For Information:

Scholars, Symposium Challenge Mary Washington LoreMichelle Boorstein– A Washington Post article which focuses on the name of Mary Washington College.

The Washington Family Bible – As provided by the George Washington Papers

Augustine’s Will– Augustine was the father of George Washington, a copy of his will provided by the George Washington Foundation.

Mary Ball Washington’s Will -Mary Ball Washington’s will, a copy of her will provided by the George Washington Foundation.

A History about Ferry Farm– Also provided by the George Washington Foundation, provides a short history of the Farm.

Braddock’s Defeat– An online transcription of a letter from George to his mother, Mary, provided by the National Center.

For Places to Visit:

Popes Creek Plantation– Westmoreland County

Mary Ball Washington Museum– Lancaster County

Ferry Farm and Kenmore Plantation– Fredericksburg

Mary Washington House– Fredericksburg

For Images used in Video:

Mary Ball Washington

President George

Young George

Lancaster Museum