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Special Acknowledgements

  • Local Historians Paula Felder and Marian McCabe– Paula Felder and Marian McCabe have helped us with finding many sources on Mary Washington. To read some of Paula Felder’s personal work click here.
  • Jack Bales– Jack Bales provided us with a base on which we could begin researching Mary Ball Washington. Through him we found many resources on her in the online archives and books the Mary Washington library had.
  • DTLT- Patrick Murray-John and Jim Groom were the ones responsible for uploading our Timeline and Survey so that they are accessible to our audience. They also assisted us with other technology problems that we ran into while building this site.
  • Dr. Jeffrey McClurken- Our professor and advisor during this project. He provided us with the basics of creating a website and incorporating history into the digital world. He also gave us suggestions to enhance the site so that it can fully take advantage of this new technology.
  • Survey Respondents and Interviewees– Through the survey we were able to find a focus for our website, which was to educate the community more about Mary Ball Washington and who she was. By interviewing students and residents of Fredericksburg for our video we hope to show why it was important to create this site.
  • Amber Huffman, Jeffrey Soffer, and Curran Bullock– These students were part of Dr. Hanna’s map making class. We worked with them this semester to create a map that focuses on the places where Mary Ball Washington has lived and where her legacy remains today.